Farm freelancers meet 21st June 2023 – UX Brighton, RSI friendly equipment and pets

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This week our freelancers networking meet up was in the Battle of Trafalgar pub, Brighton. I couldn’t make it and Laura kindly held the fort and took some notes for us:

  • The Battle of Trafalgar is changing hands soon
  • Puddings
  • How can you photograph yourself with your eyes closed?
  • UX Brighton
  • Vertical mouse
  • Keyboard for cats
  • Five Sims 4 games, has it gone too far?
  • University grad engineer won’t even try to repair a bike
  • Boiling frogs
  • Keeping slugs as pets
  • Keeping snakes and the details of mice as feed
  • Craig as a sexy woman
  • Starwars – aliens exist
  • Ecoin currencies and banks
  • Midi dial speed and USB2 limitations
  • Dodgy antiques dealer and Checkatrade
  • Django is slow to adopt anything, ‘agit’ – async on top
  • The 27th letter of the alphabet is ‘&’


If you’re looking for a vertical mouse, Evoluent do excellent models but their prices are rather steep. If you haven’t tried one before, I suggest the Perixx PERIMICE-518 models, they come in left and right handed and wired and wireless. They are 95% as good as the Evoluent for substantially less money. Using a vertical mouse puts less strain on your arm than normal mice or trackpads, and I thoroughly recommend trying one and am happy to chat about the four I’ve had over the last ten years, so get in touch if you’re not sure about them.