Freelancers meet on 19th July 2023

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For our Farm freelancers meeting on 19th July we met in the beer garden of the Battle of Trafalgar, Brighton. 12 people came along.

My list of what we talked about is shorter than usual as there were several topics covered that were private, here’s what I can list:

  • The Albion Hotel fires
  • Worthing Digital
  • Needing a staging server setup
  • Making innovative products
  • Juggling multiple running projects
  • Electric vehicles
  • Heritage lamp posts in Brighton and Hove
  • Looking for good techies
  • Advanced WordPress development
  • Cold water swimming
  • Trips that can be business expenses
  • Travelling with Celiac disease
  • Dealing with school holidays as a freelancer
  • Farm special next week
  • Recommending developers

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