Project comms, client acquisitions and Banter TV – freelancers meet 22nd November

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On the 22nd November 2023, we had our freelancers meet up in the Battle of Trafalgar pub, Brighton. 15 people came along.

Here’s some of what we talked about:

  • Project communication nightmares
  • Old equipment, still plugged in and burning electricity
  • Returning to the Farm
  • Clients being acquired – can be good and bad
  • Being a developer and designer (rare beasts)
  • Modern tooling for designers
  • Banter TV in VR – the Bantaverse
  • Capturing VR with Liv
  • Five designers along at once – unusual and welcome
  • Visiting Australia
  • Inventions we didn’t know we needed – an earthed sheet
  • Sorting out your tax
  • Anarchic comedy
  • Family events
  • Tall youngsters and mainstream clothes
  • Has Christmas become Americanised?
  • The nightmares of the USA personal tax system