Meeting notes for 3rd January

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On 3rd January 2024 we held our freelancers meet up in the Battle of Trafalgar, eight people attended, including someone who hadn’t come along for almost a decade.

My notes:

  • The Farm Christmas week special
  • Xbox setup hassles
  • Keeping tech for as long as possible
  • WordPress development help
  • Scope creep
  • “My business consultant says kindly pay me some money or fuck off”
  • Still having access to projects you don’t work on any more… or indeed ever worked on
  • Outplacement consultancy
  • Chasing money
  • Do you trust the person doing your tax return calculations?
  • Joint projects
  • Will the Terminator films start mentioning LLMs?
  • 3D graphics programming
  • Education for work vs for interest in the subject
  • Coworking vs working from a nice home
  • Thinking sensibly about money
  • The flow of work and referrals
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure stats
  • Being interested in the detail rather than doing the basics
  • Mt Gox payouts are (finally) happening
  • The Bitcoin fear and greed index