Meeting notes for 24th January

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On the 24th January 2024, nine freelancers met in the Battle of Trafalgar pub to talk tech, business and various nonsense. We welcomed James along for the first time.

Some of what we talked about:

  • Don’t forget to “defer” your Javascript
  • Teaching your spouse Python
  • Chasing money? Use a “Letter before action” and a “Without prejudice offer settlement”
  • How much money do you really need to retire?
  • The Art of Programming box sets
  • Speculative projects
  • Lighting your home
  • Awkward code bases
  • Being Cuddy Wifter (left handed)
  • Bitcoin ETFs
  • Overpaying tax… by mistake
  • Looking for Javascript work
  • Approaching lots of potential clients
  • Comparing Javascript frameworks
  • Sveltekit and the frontend-backend
  • Debugging APIs
  • Dealing with projects where tech choices mix badly