Meeting notes for 31st January 2024

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On 31st January, ten freelancers got together in the Battle of Trafalgar pub to talk all things freelancing. This is a selection of what we talked about:

  • Project problems
  • A run in with a local “character”
  • Can an aged PhD in AI be turned into being an “expert” in the LLM world?
  • Dealing with someone else’s mad code (rather than your own mad code)
  • The state of the market
  • Finding work when you’re newly freelance vs when you’re experienced
  • Fishing
  • Bad routing in JS
  • Upwork and monitoring software
  • Working in Egypt in the early days of the web
  • Children, autism, ADHD and more
  • Doing a tech audit before you start with on a new client’s project
  • iPhone site testing
  • Working on big tenders
  • Are you suited to being a freelancer or a contractor?
  • Managing your managers
  • Code reviews
  • Juggling projects
  • Our own websites and who likes flat file structures?

Check the home page for where we’ll be meeting this Wednesday.