Freelancers meet on 15th May, 2024

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On the 15th May, 12 freelancers met in the Battle of Trafalgar pub, Brighton, to talk all things freelancing and tech.

Some of our conversations included:

  • Git desktop vs CLI
  • Losing energy for streaming
  • Do you just not like AI or are you too old for this shit?
  • Working on a client project when you’re unconvinced by their business model
  • Banter Highlights – are they good marketing?
  • Using an SDS drill
  • Eurovision controversy
  • Portslade “Business Park”
  • Tinnitus
  • MG make very reliable EV cars
  • Coworking spaces
  • Games development
  • New data visualisation business (congrats!)
  • Virtual Reality and work
  • Six degrees of freedom in VR headsets
  • The Torture King / Eunuch Maker and other dark things we didn’t need to know about
  • Neuralink vs transcranial controls for controlling a computer with your mind
  • Improv and stopping scenes