Freelancers meeting notes for 22 May 2024

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On 22nd May, nine freelancers met at the Battle of Trafalgar to talk self employment, tech, and elections.

This is some of what we talked about:

  • Pensions – moving, paying in, hassles and positives
  • Problems with old school server setup
  • Storing your code – Github vs Gitlab vs others
  • Deployment systems
  • UK election is coming!
  • USA election is coming too (but more slowly)
  • Trump’s legal cases and how many can he make go away if he becomes President again?
  • Building an ad network
  • Making multiple products to see what works
  • USA trip
  • Ultra processed food
  • Dogs
  • Who cooks in your house?

The upcoming UK election, announced a few hours before our meet up, caused much merriment. The work market has been quiet for a long time and a change of government will generally help that pick up, no matter which party gets in. We’re all hoping that’s true this time.