Freelancers meeting notes for 29th May 2024

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On 29th May, ten freelancers got together in the Battle of Trafalgar pub, Brighton to talk freelancing and all things tech. Although there weren’t as many of us as usual, this was a lovely meet up and I got to play with the iPhone app Sky is making. I promised not to talk about what it is, but I can say: I liked it, and it looks great. I can’t wait for him to have a version out in the world.

Here’s most of what we talked about:

  • Sky demos his cool new iPhone app
  • First port of an ecommerce site into Shopify
  • National Service (is not going to happen)
  • Toyota cars are painted using ionisation
  • Trump trials
  • What we’re growing in our gardens and allotments
  • Pro composting tips
  • Looking for front-end or WordPress work
  • Buying property as a freelancer
  • Contracting
  • “He’s allergic to work conversations”
  • “Competency porn” (e.g. The Martian book and film, and Salvage Rebuilds UK YouTube channel)
  • Testing old electronics
  • New types of shark around the Cayman Islands
  • Living on a boat
  • Thinking you’re locked out of your investments

Thanks to everyone who came along!