Meeting notes for 20th December

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On 20th December 2023 we held our freelancers meet up in the Battle of Trafalgar, nine people attended. A small turnout but good for being just before Christmas.

My meeting notes:

  • Is it time to buy a house?
  • Foundation series two and Asimov’s writing style
  • ACF based WordPress development
  • Referring work around
  • Getting time and materials work rather than fixed price
  • Dealing with someone else’s code base
  • Methods for picking through unknown code
  • Stats and coding
  • Deciding to change job
  • “I can only do AR at the moment, not VR”
  • Outernet London digital art/experience (off Tottenham Court Road)
  • Walking in the USA can be seen as unusual by the natives
  • Christmas plans

(Sorry, no highlights as I’m very pushed for time.)