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What is Find a Reflexologist?

The idea was simple: To give fully-qualified Reflexologists the support that is missing, promote them, and give the public appropriately educated, safe, and competent Reflexologists to choose from.

What we created was the UK's first up to date database to include qualified Reflexologists from 'all' the recognised awarding bodies. This database can be searched either by postcode or map search, it details the practitioners qualifications, fees, contact details, website links and treatment description. There are also filters within the search to find those who are mobile and to see what areas they cover.

The website's front end is aimed at the potential patient to help inform them of the benefits of Reflexology, and the importance of using a qualified Reflexologist. It had to be as easy as possible for the public to find their local Reflexologist, and to read all the information about the practitioners areas of expertise, helping the public make an informed choice as to who is best to treat them.

The site also needed to create as much traffic as possible, so no stone has been left un-turned, creating a full CSS layout for search engine friendliness, shopping areas, free classified sections, forums, news, articles, interviews, and everything reflexology to help it become the hub of reflexology in the UK.

The rest of the site is aimed directly at the Reflexologist, to keep them up to date in the world of Reflexology and give them all the information possible to help support them with running their business, and to get those who were appropriately qualified to join online for an annual membership fee.

The profile of the site has been developed using a national advertising campaign in target market magazines and newspapers, attending relevant events, mail shots, high profile PR campaigns and google adwords. This is the first time Reflexology has been advertised to the public in such a comprehensive way.

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