Profile: Alex Farran

Skills: Content Management, E-Commerce, Open Source Software, Object Oriented Programming, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Javascript, CSS, XHTML

I've got the brains, you've got the looks.
Lets make lots of money.

Since 2003 I have assisted and advised creative professionals in the technical aspects of web development. I work with you and your clients to create automated web sites precisely tuned to their business needs.

I'm based in Lewes, East Sussex and work primarily with digital and creative agencies in the Lewes and Brighton area.

Time is money

Before writing any code I make sure the requirements are well understood by all parties. Experience has taught me that time spent drawing out precise requirements at the start of a project saves a lot more time further down the line. I will advise you on what questions need to be asked and help you to spot areas of ambiguity.

Just what you need

Rather than applying cosmetic changes to shrink-wrapped software packages, I write custom code that does exactly what you need.

By assembling your software using tried and tested components I combine the best of both worlds - The flexibility of starting from scratch and the speed and reliability of re-using existing software.

The buck stops here

I take my responsibilities seriously and keep you informed with regular progress reports. I guarantee that the software I write will match your expectations.

Recent work

Highgate School

Working with local design agency 48Fitzroy and London web design consultancy Frisk Design I replaced the old handcoded HTML site with a professionally designed site featuring video, calendars, search, application forms and easy updates using a custom CMS and admin system.

I'm pleased to see that the site continues to be updated frequently and that the CMS has helped to ensure that updates are always in keeping with the original design.

Wallpaper Direct

I worked in cooperation with the programming and design team at local web agency DOT to update this major e-commerce site. We used version control software to ensure that everyone could work on the site simultaneously without disrupting each others work.

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