Profile: Andy Friend

What I do

I am a freelance sound designer and music composer, specialising in emotive sound design and music composition for film, game and animation.

Why I do it

Audio in film

Adding a sense of feeling to a piece of film is an area in which I pay close attention to. This is important in narrative and theme, as the music helps to deliver the required emotion in a scene or presentation.

Sound design is equally as important to my film work. The created sound space always complements the recorded audio, and gives the viewer the type of sound quality they're used to hearing on the big screen.

Audio in game

Game music has many similarities to film music. A story or concept can be enhanced with carefully placed music, giving the process of an immersive world more feeling and intensity. The techniques I use in sound and music can transform a digital representation into a diverse audiovisual experience. Audio synthesis, digital signal processing, as well as traditional recording technologies are all used to produce environmental authenticity.

Audio in animation

As in promotion, the arts, and business, modern animation is becoming of an exciting blend of contemporary audio and image techniques. I believe in sound and music being an integral part of animated projects, so that the audio can complement the animation, and vise-versa. Using digital systems, programming, and traditional knowledge, animated objects come to life in new ways when synchronised and / or presented with a managed sound and music profile.

How I work

First stage

A face to face meeting, free of charge

Here we discuss your project and requirements. Already established projects or project ideas that require advisory consultation are both welcome.

Second stage

Once you are happy with the working arrangement, you provide me with enough project detail to quote you for project completion. This way you can get your budget dealt with early on.

Intermediate stages

I will send drafts of work to you, and confirm that you are happy for me to commit these sounds and music to the project.

Final stage

After I have had final satisfactory confirmation from you, I will provide you with the final uncompressed, high resolution audio files, either in person or electronically.

Benefits to you

  • Professional audio
  • Time savings
  • Audio media advice
  • Over a decade of audio knowledge and experience
  • Sound and music project management

Contact Andy Friend

Tel: 07854 868045


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