Profile: Andy White

Skills: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Behaviour Driven Development, Web Application Development, Relational Database Design, Object Oriented Programming, Service Oriented Architectures, Business Automation, Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat), Podcast & Videocast presenter and producer

I started my programing career by creating a Space Invaders game on a ZX81, cut my database teeth on Oracle working for Brown & Root through the late 1980s and early 1990s, then discovered the awesome world of Open Source at about the same time I was founding Summit Solutions in 2002, currently trading as Wire World Media.

We got quite well known for our Yetiserver product, an Open Source, Linux based self contained sever appliance which automated many important tasks such as backup and archiving. It's PHP browser based control panel made administration a breeze and there are still quite a few Yetis out there in Sussex.

Since 2006, the emphasis has been more web-based projects including web applications, and new media work such as podcast and videocast direction and production.

Examples of my work

I am currently working on a back office system written in Ruby, that automatically submits XML tax documents to the Inland Revenue gateway. This used to be a complex process that involved submitting, waiting for responses, re-polling, and handling errors. Now all the client has to do is copy the XML documents to a nominated folder - he only get's informed if an error occurs.

Degu is a full browser based insurance back office and sales system written in Ruby on Rails with a MySQL database. The project has been running since 2008 and is still under development. The system automates many of the repetitive tasks staff currently have to execute.

Exotic Direct is a full e-commerce site allowing clients to obtain quotes and apply for insurance cover. It is written in PHP with a MySQL database.

The Case Tracker system was a web-based system written in PHP that allowed the client to publish and track personal injury claims. The client's network of investigators could log on securely and make updates to each case.

The Fish Landings system is a PHP based, internal system which allows fish landing tickets to be logged and reported on for DEFRA.

Podcasts and Videocasts

The Internet Marketing podcast which we started in 2006 has become very successful, typically with over 5,000 downloads per episode. It is frequently in the top 25 most popular under the Business category in iTunes.

The Brilliant You! and Eventful Brighton podcasts are internal projects that have been running since 2007.

The Freelance Advisor podcast is being well received and has been running since about February 2008.

Contact Andy White

Office Tel: 01273-697825

Mobile: 07974-822183


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