Profile: Ben Robson

Skills: Copywriting, content marketing strategy, social media marketing, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, PPC, social media training, UX

"An ideas person, with bags of personality to boot - a true asset to any business"

I'm a creative content marketing, SEO and social media professional. Essentially, I make businesses more visible online, helping them to attract their target audience and increase brand engagement. In turn, this increases online revenue and enquiries.

I started in marketing as a copywriter and continued to expand my skill-set, through university and beyond, to specialise in digital marketing - encompassing social media, content marketing, SEO and email marketing strategy, PPC, CRO and UX.

I am friendly and personable and pride myself on my communication skills. I talk to people without the need for jargon. Clear, simple, easy to follow advice and consultation - everything with a smile.

Examples of my work

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