Profile: Bevan Stephens

Skills: Web Design, Accessible Standards Compliant XHTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Open Source Content Management Systems, Logo Design, Flash Animation

I am a freelance web designer/developer based here in Brighton. I design and build complete websites for my clients using standards compliant XHTML and CSS, and using by open source content management systems I can keep costs low and take on projects with limited budgets.

I believe that usability is key in modern website design and always try to keep things simple and easy to navigate.

I also do a lot of work with graphic designers providing a service of converting their photoshop designs into finished websites.

I have a lot of experience with open source content management systems and blogging platforms such as Modx, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and CMSMS.

I was awarded the Farm freelancer of the year award at the digital media awards south in November 2008.

Examples of my work
Design and development using XHTML/CSS with some Flash elements and Javascript effects. CMS integration.
Branding, design, development, CMS integration.
Branding, design, development, using open source social network engine elgg.
Branding, design, development, product database, custom ordering system, CMS, SEO.
All Flash site as requested by client, Design, Actionscripting.

Contact Bevan Stephens

Tel: 07885 427577



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