Profile: Bob Friston

Skills: iPhone and iPad Development based in Brighton UK

Bob Friston is now available to work with you as your iPhone and iPad Developer...

These ground-breaking devices from Apple have opened up a new frontier in content delivery and you are going to want to take advantage of that. Bob Friston's work includes Interactive Picture Books for children and the emerging Edutainment model, Salesforce Integrations and a variety of well received Utility Apps on iTunes.

Bob Friston has a strong visual sense and style that together with a lifetime of software development makes for a powerful combination of skill sets.

Personal Projects on iTunes

Bob Friston has developed a variety of Apps and has published the following on iTunes to demonstrate his range of skills and abilities in all areas related to mobile app development.

DailyDo for iPad

Djembe Master for iPad

Clients & Partners

Bob Friston has worked on many projects ranging from iPhone and iPad Apps, Universal Apps for IOS & Android platforms for release on iTunes and PlayStore as well as Enterprise.




Contact Bob Friston

Tel: 07595975638



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