Profile: Chris Leydon

Skills: Video Production, Audio Production, XHTML & CSS, Photography, Journalistic Writing, Digital Media Marketing

Online media is my passion and using it to get a product noticed, or a brand recognised, is something that I'm incredibly interested in.

I worked for Mevio, the online entertainment network, for just over a year as a Production Assistant and consultant for their shows online social presence. Two shows that I worked very closely on were GeekBrief, and OK! Insider.

In 2009 I worked with The Tuney Music Company as a Network Developer / Client Liaison and assistant to George Hudson, the company director. My roles included keeping in contact with over 100 clients on a daily basis and making sure that everyone was on the same page. This communication was taken out through telephone and online based CRM apps.

I started up a small little app for Windows, Mac and iPhone called TinyGrab, whilst still at University in 2008. TinyGrab has gone on to be one of the most used applications for screenshot sharing. It has been featured in magazines like Macworld and has given me some truly amazing social media contacts. In July 2011 TinyGrab was sold to Company 52, a US company who build web and mobile applications.

My passion for creating new online experiences reached a new level when in February 2011 I founded StackBlaze Ltd, with my business partners. Together we raised £33,000 from the Technology Strategy Board to build a new ideas sharing platform and cloud-based hosting solutions for web applications. In July 2011 the company, with the advice of its investors and advisors, decided to focus completely on the cloud-based hosting solution. I left the company to refocus on my creative skills.

Since March 2011 I have been producing "The Roundabout Tapes" series for TechCrunch Europe, which is an online video show aimed at covering startups around London's Silicon Roundabout. Through my creative digital media production company, Keyone Productions, I have been producing promotional videos for tech startups and some larger enterprises too.

Examples of my work

Young Rewired State 2011: Promotional Video by Chris Leydon.

Noises Off by Chris Leydon.

The Roundabout Tapes: Area Now by Chris Leydon.

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