Profile: Christopher Brown

Skills: I have 3 main strings to my bow;
Reporting on SQL databases using QlikView, Crystal, Excel
Responsive HTML5/CSS3/PHP/ASP/Javascript/JQuery
Banking Imports, converting marketing briefs to SQL exports (with exclusions), and post-campaign analysis.

My skillset revolves around data. Getting it into & out of databases, transforming it while there, and summarising it.

I love visualising data flows through huge corporate networks and creating reports that get the right information into the hands of those who steer the organisation, in a form they can easily understand and question (QlikView, Crystal, Web, Access, and Excel).

I've been writing responsive websites, for years, I currently like coding multi-lingual, multi-screen (phone, pad, TV, and laptop) websites - and experimenting with Big Data visualisation of big 'open' data using HTML5 canvas

And I'm experienced with marketing databases - converting marketing briefs into solid SQL selection statements, with excludes, that achieve target numbers. Then feeding back post-campaign analysis into the marketing cycle, for better future targeting, and list purchase.

In addition,
Business; I'm generally 'embedded' in finance, marketing, or Corp Comms departments, rather than IT departments; I have a postgraduate OU course in business (to better anticipate the needs of my clients); and was a technical 'fixer' for an events company working in the EU where I authored presentations, created images libraries, and fixed technical issues across our events (presentations, stands, and conferences)
Science; I've a Human Genetics degree; and worked for Eli Lilly showing the development of rheumatoid arthritis
; Now in Brighton, & London for many years before that, I have also worked in Brussels, Madrid, Luxembourg

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