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Skills: SEO copywriting, content marketing copywriting, email marketing, LinkedIn profile optimisation, content audits

I am a robust, illuminated passenger door button. You rely on my tactile feel and reassuring click when you operate the train door on your morning commute.

I am the software that helps you radically reduce paperwork, get more done in a day and get paid faster.

I am your business finance facility. I boost your cash flow and help your business grow.

I am your yoga teacher. I increase your strength and flexibility. Better still, I restore calm and balance in your busy life.

Am I Superwoman?


My name is Claire Hawes. I am a commercial copywriter and founder of The Content Boutique... I am your salesperson in print and digital media.

I am also a marketing communications professional. I have 20+ years experience planning and executing campaigns nationally and internationally, for a broad range of sectors.

Get in touch with me if you'd like me to influence your readers into making a decision with persuasive copy. My ultimate goal is to make you money.

My services include:

  • SEO (search engine optimised) copywriting for websites
  • Content marketing (newsletters, blogs, case studies, white papers and more)
  • Email (email content, auto-responders, landing pages, lead magnets)
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation services
  • Website content audits

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Tel: 07515 911153



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