Profile: David Andrew - Front-End Design/Development & Project Management

Skills: CSS, XHTML, Graphic Design for Web, Actinc Business & Catalog Development, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Consultancy

After gaining a degree in Multimedia in 1996 I started my career, specialising in web sites, as a junior web designer developing ecommerce solutions using Intershop and in-house CMS solutions. Over a 6 year period I progressed to the position of senior web designer.

Being a senior designer I found my role expand to include managing, planning & budgeting projects. This involved many client meetings providing me with valuable experience in how to work with people who may well have little or no technical knowledge

Since 2004 I have been based in Brighton working as a contract 'front-end developer/web consultant'.

This involves

  • working directly with clients understanding & realising their needs in a language they understand to define objectives
  • Working with backend developers as a designer, coder, tester & project manger
  • Ensuring the end result meets all the clients expectations

I have worked with a number of developers and SEO/SEM (search engine optimisation/search engine marketing ) specialists all with varying needs and requirements. This has taught me how to work with teams of people from different disciplines to obtain a common objective.


Examples of my work - ecommerce solution
This project began a couple of years ago using Actinic Catalog and progressed to Actinic Business. I was the sole designer/developer.
Working closely with Paul Silver we developed these solutions for a variety of recruitment companies. I was responsible for the specification, IA, design, front-end coding & testing of these sites. - ecommerce solution
ecommerce site built using Aceflex (Visual layout, IA designer)

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Tel: 07967 994572


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