Profile: David Wren

Skills: XHTML/CSS, DOM Scripting, PHP, MySQL, Moodle deployment, Bespoke CMS, Accessibility, Microformats

I have recently become a Freelance Web Developer working with designers and clients all over the UK, including Brighton, Eastbourne, The Isle of Man and Dundee.

Before that I worked for a web development agency in Brighton for several years honing my skills.

I specialise in producing clean standards compliant XHTML code for websites using the latest CSS techniques to give clients page designs maximum impact, flexibility and accessibility. Often the pages I build are served up by content management systems or web applications written in PHP.

Examples of my work

DOT - Isle of Man Department of Transport
Working with Simon Bloom, I built an application framework in PHP serving up XHTML/CSS pages enhanced by Javascript. The site displays web cam and weather station site images, with my code fetching the latest data at regular intervals. The back-end system allows system administrators to login and create new sites and update existing ones. A recent update incorporated a new fault reporting system for the technical engineers of the DOT including email based reporting.

MPH Limited
Again working with Simon Bloom, I built a fully featured CMS in PHP including a client area with user administration, Image and PDF upload facility, intuitive drag and drag functionality and modular content creation. The site content is displayed in XHTML/CSS and Javascript.

DUP - Dundee University Press
The DUP approached me with a static website which had been added to and modified over the years and was starting to show it's age. So I redeveloped the site in PHP to ensure consistency across the site and upgraded the outdated HTML to valid XHTML with CSS. I also introduced a content management system for the site's various titles. For ease of deployment and due to budget constraints the database technology I used was a flat-file SQL system - txtSQL. The site being served by a CMS meant that output would be more standardised and that in the future it could be more easily updated by the system administrators. I also took the opportunity to mark up some of the content with microformats where appropriate.

TTF - The Training Foundation
I have done a lot of work for The Training Foundation, deploying and maintaining Moodle LMS' and the TTF e-learning material, building a series of portal websites which link to the Moodle LMS', and a central CMS to control the content on the sites and the interactions between them.

A few examples:

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