Profile: Doug Lang

Skills: Unix/Linux systems administration, security, and consultancy. Open Source software specialist, coding in perl/python/ruby(-on-rails), bespoke fully-managed server and virtualserver hosting, high-availablity/redundant systems, bespoke network appliance deployment and management (VPNs, firewalls, etc)

I have been a freelancer for since 2005, prior to that I was senior systems administrator at, who then were a very security focused ISP who championed Open Source technology. I started there as a perl webapp coder and then made the move to systems administration, I was responsible for the security and maintenance of all unix/linux hosts and networking gear.

Examples of my work

Corporation Records - A web based e-commerce business.

Other examples are private, but include redundant scalable VPNs, disaster-recovery strategies, fully data and hardware redundant clusters, virtual server hosting platforms, high-availability routers and firewalls, many websites/webapps, migration, upgrades, security auditing, etc etc, a huge amount of systems administration and consultancy.

Contact Doug Lang

Tel: 01273 808949


Website: netdotnet unix/linux systems administration and consultancy

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