Profile: Elliot Taylor (Raison Online)

Skills: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Ecommerce, responsive web design, Web development, Wordpress plugin development, branding and logo design, Wordpress theme development, PHP, MySQL

I work as Raison Online, designing, building and maintaining Wordpress web sites. I work exclusively with Wordpress and particularly with ecommerce. I use a mix of existing modules and code bespoke functionality where required. Often projects require a mixture of both, as can be seen in some of the examples below.

If you need to grow your online business then we will provide a site that excels and the support to maintain your growth. Do drop me a line on the contact details below and let me know about your project, or to arrange a coffee meeting in town.

Examples of my work

Espresso Mushroom Company - WooCommerce Site

An exciting Brighton startup that up-cycles coffee and sells mushroom kits across the UK. We developed a responsive ecommerce store for EMC to sell their mushroom products and work on-going with them to maintain their site & grow online sales.

Diligent Investments - WooCommerce & Bespoke Site

Hove based Diligent Investments wanted to expand their business with an online site selling monthly subscription based access to a search portal for repossessed properties. We used WooCommerce for the ecommerce platform mixed with to take recurring billing and integrated these both with our bespoke search module built with PHP on the Symfony framework. Click on the link above for more information about how we built this site.

Terrapass - WooCommerce Site

This company sells carbon offsetting and is based in San Fransisco. They already had a Wordpress site but wanted to upgrade their existing shopping cart to one that integrated into their existing site. We added WooCommerce to their existing theme, migrated their inventory across, added bespoke coding to calculate & convert a customers carbon weight into an offset cost and integrated with their personal carbon calculator. The result: a big lift in their conversion rate and only a single site to manage. Take a look on the link above to find out more about this project.

Burst Times - Wordpress Site

A Wordpress and WooCommerce site for the London magazine Burst Times and their new app. The site has WooCommerce built in for the site to take subscription payment for their magazines. The site is responsive, so works perfectly in a variety of screen sizes.

Check out our latest work, posted on the Raison blog.

Contact Elliot Taylor

Tel: 01273 930330


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