Profile: Emilio Vigara

Skills: Premiere, Muse, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Photography, Cameraman, Video Edition, Web Developer, Graphic Designer

Hi there, I'm an enthusiastic and dedicated Videographer/Cinematographer and creative Storyteller with extraordinary eye for detail.

I graduated in Cinematography and Visual Arts in 2004 Since then my aim is shooting quality videos (documentaries, corporate, commercials, etc) but my primary goal has always been making films. I have worked for years both in camera and electric departments in different countries around the world and I am ready to deliver excellent footage as a professional DOP.

I know how to operate the cameras, set up the lighting and using post production computer technology to enhance the final results if is required, which opens up new paths for film makers and producers...

... To be honest with you, I am much better at shooting through the camera or setting up dramatic light, than at writing profiles. Therefore, I add hereby a few links where you can see my work.

Examples of my work as a Videographer

"HERMANOS". Short Film (trailer). As a Cinematographer (DOP)

SHADOWS IN THE DISTANCE. Feature Film (trailer) The film was selected in the Shanghai International Film Festival. As a Cinematographer (DOP).

BARYO. Documentary shooted in The Philippines. As a Filmmaker, DOP and Video Editor.

SILENT JOURNEYS. One of the Mini Docs I was doing for Media. As a Filmmaker, DOP and Video Editor.

SHOWREEL. Some of my last productions as Filmmaker and DOP.

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Tel: 07752 333617


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