Profile: Gemma Hentsch

I'm a freelance Django developer, able to work within a team or on my own to complete your project.

While I have experience in a variety of languages - see below - Python is by far my preferred language and I particularly like the Django framework as it helps me work quickly to efficiently solve complex programming problems.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.


  • 4 years of Java Development
  • 5 years of Python Development
  • 5 years of Django Development
  • 9 months of Ruby on Rails Development
  • 3 months of Groovy Development
  • 5 years of maintaining web server environments
  • 5 years of working on a variety of SQL based database environments in a mix of database design, data migration, and database modification.
  • 5 years of Website development on J2EE, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Python, Django, and pure HTML/CSS.

Contact Gemma Hentsch

Tel: 07789 488 232


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