Profile: Ian Ozsvald

Skills: Many years making screencasts - short films that explain software and teach skills or sell a service to users.

The tools I use to make screencasts include CamTasia, BBFlashBack, HyperCam, ScreenFlow and Audacity. Techniques include needs-analysis (both for you and your users), storyboarding, script- writing, production and deployment.

Screencasting can be as simple as acting out a pre-defined script through to analysing what a software product does, who uses it, why they use it, what they need to know to realise they need your solution and all the steps required to then create and deploy a successful video.

Examples of my work

The main examples of my work are collected on the ProCasts Examples page. ProCasts is an adhocracy formed of me and as many others that are required to create the screencasts you need. Current examples include the tours for Crunch and Orchestrate and over 140 tutorials at ShowMeDo.

Contact Ian Ozsvald

Office Tel: 00 44 7971 987 233



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