Profile: Jerry Steele

Skills: Linux System Administration

I specialise in Linux administration, and have worked for nearly ten years doing this for various companies. I am enthusiastic about open-source technologies, and how they can be put to work creatively.

I have lots of experience with server-side technologies such as DNS, DHCP, mail servers, FTP, SSH. I have done lots of work with monitoring systems such as Ganglia and Nagios, I have worked with Puppet, the centralised configuration management tool, and I've done a fair amount of scripting with bash, csh and perl. I also have experience with enterprise-class hardware such as Fibre-Channel SANs and Layer-3 switches. I also know my way round the LAMP stack pretty well.

I have worked with virtual server providers such as MediaTemple, but would like to get my teeth into a good Amazon EC2 deployment

I am also RHCE-qualified

Examples of my work

The nature of my work means it's largely behind the scenes and not out in the wild. I'm currently looking for clients to add to my portfolio.

Contact Jerry Steele

Tel: 07920 237105


Website: ticktockhouse - Freelance System Administration

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