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Skills: PHP/MVC frameworks, Internet of Things (IoT), Database design SQL/NoSql/BigData, Security, Overall application design

Internet of Things (IoT)

Developing system side code for talking to hardware in remote locations, storing and displaying any data returned by those systems in large storage engines such as MongoDB, designing and implementing security for the network of remote hardware.

OO PHP/MVC frameworks

Developing server side code using object oriented PHP and MVC frameworks to match a projects requirements with high standards of code generation, documentation and standards compliance.

Database Design and Big Data

Design and build of Sql and document base databases for storage of highly relational and big data respectively, both designed for optimal throughput and careful indexing to enable fast responses.

API design and implementation

APIs are being used more and more to provide data to third parties, careful design, testing and implementation is critical to their functioning.


Building solid well thought out JavaScript libraries to handle AJAX calls and display of resulting data is critical to the success of most projects these days.

Examples of my work

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