Profile: Karin Yoshida

Skills: Purchasing agent service from the Chinese market, wholesale, and Chinese and Japanese translation

I have lived and worked in China, Japan and the UK. I am not only fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English but also understand the different cultural nuances.

With my clients' support, I set up my translation agency as soon as I finished my study in the UK. At the moment, Kinmokusei translation focuses on providing translation service on Chinese (traditional and simple type of Chinese) and Japanese.

I have an MA in International Trade and Transport from London Metropolitan University, a BA in International Trade and English from China, plus practical experience living and working in Japan. I have numerous connections with Chinese manufacturers, logisitic companies and Chinese customs. I'm familiar with the operation of the supply chain management.

I have good communication and negotiation skills. In addition I understand the local culture. My purchasing agent service will help you get maximum value from overseas resources.

Working closely with Chinese wholesalers and retailers I can help you to grow your business in the enormous Chinese consumer market.


Karin has provided tremendous help with Chinese and Japanese markets and has impressed us with her hard work on a number of complex projects

AMR International

Kinmokusei provides an excellent language service with on time delivery guaranteed


As reference I can say that Karin has always delivered high quality translation and is continuously working on some overnight project that we do few nights per months. In the past, she has delivered good quality interviews in China in both languages and also in Japan. I would recommend Karin to anyone needing a professional researcher.

GFK NOP Operations TIS

Kinmokusei is a new and dynamic company and we wish them all the success they deserve in their development

Ugam Research Solution

Contact Karin Yoshida

Office Tel: 07952 675 958



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