Profile: Leo Denham

Skills: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, XHTML, Database design/analysis/normalisation, object orientated code, CMS systems

I have been a programmer for about 10 years, I used to run the 'right to buy' and 'service charge' software systems for several London Councils (including Wandsworth and Hackney) but moved into freelancing four years ago.

When developing I strive to make my code as efficient and flexible as possible so that

  • the site will perform quickly and not use unnecessary resources.
  • future development is not hindered by poorly written code.

Most recently I've been writing a complex internal CMS for National Rail Enquiries but I am more than happy to work on small scale projects as well.

Examples of my work

Please visit my website for examples of my work.

Contact Leo Denham

Tel: 07779 664953


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