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Skills: Business Analysis, System Implementations, MS Dynamics NAV implementation, ERP system implementations


The definition of Business Analysis covers a range of areas, but boils down to eliciting and defining the requirements for a change, detailing and documenting those requirements and documenting the process to enable those requirements into a solution. In small companies/projects, that role is often undertaken by developers, project managers, business owners etc, but it can be hugely beneficial to the progress of a project to have a dedicated BA properly define and clearly document those initial requirements (should stop the situation of the project sponsor ending up with ", no, no, what I meant was..").

My role as a BA would be to meet with all the stakeholders in the project, clarify ALL the requirements, document these, map out any process flows and system flows required to substantiate the documentation and define a high-level solution. Stakeholders and project managers can agree on the documented requirements, users and developers can agree on the process flows and developers can then work off the high-level definition and produce a software solution that supports and validates all the requirements. Testing plans can be expanded from the requirements and mapped against the high-level solution.

Detailed work as described above can benefit all types of projects, including designed software, packaged software and business processes; from small to large projects, from small agencies to multi-national corporations.


Dynamics NAV is Microsoft's mid-range ERP system and I've been working on implementations of these systems since 2003. For companies looking to purchase/implement such a system, one of the best practices is to have an in-house implementation consultant, to guide the company through the modification (bespoke customisation) and implementation process.

I have worked as such a consultant, for both end-user clients and directly for resellers. The company is also an MBS partner, so can offer detailed technical advice on various Dynamics NAV solutions. The same skill-sets are applicable for any ERP or other corporate management system, where system analysis and system implementation skills are required.

Work Examples

As I generally work on business-sensitive analysis and documentation, or implement core corporate systems, working examples are not easy to display. However, please request specifics, as required.

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