Profile: Mat Keller

Skills: User Interface Design, Print Design, Product Design, Logo Design, Brand Development, Art Direction and Digital Photography

Award winning Digital Graphic Designer, Art Director and Photographer with more than fourteen years experience in the digital media industry.

In a nutshell my core skills are in visual design and art direction. I have designed everything from corporate identities to physical products, websites to touch screen interfaces, printed material to digital only content and everything in between. I have also been coding HTML and CSS since the inception of HTML 4.0 and taking photographs since my early teens. I have organised events, photo shoots, video shoots, stage shows and even played in a band or two.

My approach to design draws inspiration from the ideas, styles and themes that stem from my interest in both visual media and the cultural perspectives behind them. I strive to be experimental and innovative with an eye always fixed on the essential rules and principles of clean and simple design. I am happy creating concepts from scratch or building on existing work and taking cues from previously conceived ideas. My love of design means I am equally at home providing creative direction over a project as working on only a small part of it.

Examples of my work

For examples of my work please visit my online Portfolio:

You can also find testimonials with many of the people I have work with here:

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