Profile: Megan Sayers

Skills: Graphic Design and Illustration. Branding, illustration, print design, as well as most types of UX focussed digital design; web design, interface design for apps (mobile and desktop), wireframing, display advertising etc.

I have over 10 years experience as a graphic designer and illustrator, during which I have worked both in agencies full time, and as a freelancer.

I design for print and digital, covering everything from brand design, printed marketing to web and interface design with a strong user focus.

I love to bring my designs to life with custom illustrations (when appropriate). I turn my hand to most types of illustration, from a unique set of icons, storyboarding and asset creation for animation, to translating complex data into engaging infographics.

After a 2.5 year stint in agency, I've only recently started working freelance again (Oct 2015), so to see some up to date examples of my work please get in touch:

Contact Megan Sayers

Tel: 07765595259



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