Profile: Nathan Pope

Skills: website and email hosting on our own servers with an emphasis on friendly, responsive, and technologically competent telephone support.

I run Latitude Hosting, providing industry standard hosting for business websites from simple static HTML to full PHP scripted, Mysql database driven websites.

We specialise in office hours telephone support of our clients, answering questions in plain English.

We provide hosting accounts to fit the needs of our clients, from shared hosting through virtual private servers (VPS) to fully dedicated servers.

We run all our own servers, co-located at a professional datacentre in the UK (helping to ensure our clients' websites are listed by Google as being UK based).

Having a history of PHP and MySql development, we are strong on technical support of developers bringing new websites to market, working with a range of members of the Farm.

For clients without existing developer support, we are also available for small scale development, providing the full range of services for running and maintaining a business web presence. Examples of our development work can be found on our Latitude Software Design website.

Examples of our work

Please visit our website for further information Latitude Hosting

Nathan Pope - Latitude

Tel: 01273 900 840


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