Profile: Nick Taylor

Skills: Web Consultancy and database-driven web application development. OO PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, MVC, ecommerce, graphics.

I have been freelancing since 2000, usually on fairly complex database-driven applications for web startups, more often than not, in the education field.

I enjoy working for dynamic, fast-moving clients on large and complex projects... though nothing beats finding simple solutions to complex problems. My background is entrepreneurial - I am a co-founder of (The Association of Football Statisticians) and have been a stake-holder in a number of other projects both in the UK and NZ. Prior to becoming a freelance developer, I was IT manager for a City law firm, and a contractor for Ernst & Young. My clients have been fairly diverse - ranging from local micro-breweries to Dexia, Bank of Luxenbourg, with a tendency towards educational web applications. At the time of writing, I am working on a developer's API and youtube-like plugins for

I can look after all aspects of a project - starting with working with a client on the initial specification, through to completion and post-launch support. I am online pretty much all the time - any queries, please don't hesitate to email me.

Examples of my work

Kowari Early years learning platform : Developer. Football Statistics and information : Co-founder and developer. Corporate and individual motivational training : Back-end developer

Contact Nick Taylor

Tel UK:+44 7509 252 870

Tel NZ:+64 273 740 101


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