Profile: Oliver Winks

Skills: Scala, Java, Javascript, Web Development, Play Framework, Akka, Unity 3D

I have been a software developer for over 10 years working mainly with Java technology, specifically Scala.

I have experience working on a wide range of projects from simple one-page web sites through to large distributed systems using Scala and the Akka framework.

I'm based in Brighton, East Sussex and predominantly work with startups and small businesses in the South East. Some of the projects I've been involved in include:

Kite Power Solutions

Since 2012 I have been a consultant, software architect and developer for Kite Power Solutions (KPS). KPS are developing a new type of wind turbine that uses kites to turn a generator mounted on the ground. The kites pull a tether which is wrapped around a drum, as the drum turns it spins the generator. This radical new way of generating energy from wind has huge advantages over traditional forms of wind energy. However, it comes with unique technical challenges that have required some very innovative software solutions.

I chose Scala and Akka as the technologies to base KPS' solution on, and with the help of several other developers have created a sophisticated infrastructure for auto-piloting the kites and monitoring all hardware systems.


Synertial produce inertial motion capture suits. I worked with Synertial to develop a desktop application (IGS-Bio) used to record, analyze and map motion to a virtual skeleton. I developed IGS-Bio in Java using the Netbeans platform and it's currently in use by several of Synertials clients.


PaperSeven are a digital development studio in Brighton & Hove and create interactive multimedia applications and games. I worked with PaperSeven to produce 2 augmented reality apps for iPhone and Android (Disney Princess, Star Wars). The apps accompanied 2 books published by Egmont.

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