Profile: Paul Bridges

Skills: Freelance Video Creative - Motion Graphic Designer, Animator and Editor with vast experience working in Broadcast, Interactive Portals and Digital video content.

My work consists of TV graphics covering various genres, through to creative video content for industry including advertising and promos for digital and bespoke platforms.

This can range from a series of animations for Real Estate companies, international advertising for leading mobile manufacturers, through to end of year video edits for large global organisations.

Previous to freelancing I was employed at Sky TV. I worked on various channels including Sky Sports, Sky Active, and The History Channel, working with many well known brands, from the banking, retail and entertainment sectors.

My vast experience in video production allows me to adapt to any creative video brief. Whether it be quick turnaround music promos, or leading the creative for the branding of a new TV show. I can cut, composite and deliver. I have my own studio and also travel to client site when required.

My clients can come from anywhere in the World, and often I work remotely on global brands and projects.

Examples of my work

My website, showcases numerous creative projects I've worked on.

Contact Paul Bridges

Office Tel: 01273 736681

Mobile: 07880 716089



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