Profile: Steve Liddell

Skills: All aspects of visual design from web to print. Creative and Art Direction. Front end web development with html, css, Flash. Drupal specialist. Mobile design and development including mobile web, Phonegap and Titanium for multiple phone platforms.

My combination of technical and visual skills enables me to not only produce great work but also to be able to have a good overview of projects from a conceptual and logistical standpoint.

After graduating from a traditional design degree in 1998 I have been working consistently with large brand names in a variety of capacities. I have worked with major advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, CHI and Partners, DLKW, Wunderman and Iconmobile to name a few.

I have my own company 'We Are Here' which has had a variety of interesting projects - both for clients and in its own capacity.

Currently We Are Here is producing a variety of frameworks to rapidly and economically produce applications for the iPhone and for Android.

Contact Steve Liddell

Tel: 01273 530 193


Website: We Are Here

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