Profile: Tom Kitchin

Skills: Elixir, Ruby on Rails, Python, web service and API development

I'm a freelance software engineer based in Worthing and the Brighton area, with six years experience working in Elixir, Python and Ruby on Rails. I develop bespoke web services with smart, meaningful APIs able to work quickly and efficiently with other services, mobile apps and web frontends. I understand how to get applications working well with the systems they run on - I've built and maintained production-ready server stacks working in both Apache and nginx, and backed by SQL, MySQL and Postgres databases. I've set up managed configuration in Puppet and in Chef and have run live applications on AWS and Heroku.

I work efficiently both solo and in teams and have experience leading existing teams in picking up new working practices. I'm good at working with existing team structures, perfect if your project needs to add critical expertise in a new technology or methodology.

Examples of my work

Healthy Island, an educational game designed to teach good healthy habits for children. Developed as an app for iOS, Android and Windows, backed by an Elixir web service for handling user accounts, player progression and user activity tracking.

Elefriends, a social network for the mental health community. Built with an independent Ruby on Rails API and frontend, allowing for the later seamless development of an iOS and Android app running on the same API.

A worldwide financial kiosk management service built in Python as a replacement for an existing service in PHP. Involved introducing agile methodologies and development practices into an existing dev team and replacing a live service on a per-component basis with new Python components without any downtime.

Contact Tom Kitchin

Tel: 07963 569222



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