Profile: Tristan Bailey

Skills: Web Development, PHP, SQL, Laravel, Magento, Agile, Joomla, Team Lead, Strategy, UX, Analytics

I have been a web developer for 14 years and freelancing since January 2012 for medium and large companies. Freelancing I develop, run projects and sub contracting the html and design work allows flexibility and scale from building custom CMS extensions to coding large web projects.

Having had design training as well as development I have an appreciation of design and structure but concentrate my work in the back end and architecture planning and direct the front visual work or take the hand off from an agency.

My work has covered many areas of online business over my career. Working with Travel, Content, Marketing, Eduction, Ecommerce, Sport, Engineering and Charities. I am especially passionate about growing businesses who learn from their customers and evolve their business offering.


My main languages are PHP and Python. Working in PHP for over 8 years, I have worked on integrating different systems and custom add ons and views. Developing checkouts and different product and content delivery systems. Some work while freelance has been to partner agencies where they do the design and project management and I fill in any technical project need they have. Developing in Laravel and bespoke PHP I work with Object Oriented practices and with Integration and Unit Tests to cover the work and allow change.

Working with several startups I have partnered with we have been able to take a Lean agile approach and rapidly build or productise a service. Some of these have been first proof of concepts for financial and user testing demos.

I find it most effective to work with data to back progress of work, and have installed Google Analytics many times and improved site architecture for reporting. Once the tools are in place, I build reports with the finance or marketing teams to integrate with company targets and give the web analytics data real business planning value.

Examples of my work

  • Charity Travel expedition Joomla site and Django API integration
  • Refactor to MVC code a network of 4 sites, from the inside out section by section
  • SMS Startup API sales and performance scaling and logging
  • Animation site build with frontend partner in WordPress
  • Insurance site integration and custom extend with design and frontend partners in ExpressionEngine
  • Clothing site update and integrate responsive design in Magento

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