Profile: Troy Raftery


I have been freelancing in Brighton for the past 5 years and have built up quite a few clients from various job sectors.

The majority of my work has been full website packages - designing and building them. My main programming language is PHP, I use this on all my sites now for things from CMS packages to Blogs and database driven websites.

All of my websites are hand coded to ensure they adhere to the latest accessibility standards and so they are optimised for search engines.

Examples of my work

The Bull Ditchling is picture orientated site aimed to increase the profile of the pub. It is a database driven site so I used PHP and MYSQL on it as well as some javascript for extra functionality. I also coded all of the XHTML/CSS front end to ensure google search engine rankings.

Best Ever is a user orientated site allowing members to upload their top 10 in almost anything. The site was created using PHP and MYSQL and is totally self sufficient.

Who To Vote For is a site aimed at helping the UK public decide who to vote for at the next general election. It compares each parties policies against one another and then tells people who they should vote for. The site was buily in PHP and MYSQL, it has a blog and has a nice little Google API mixed into it.

Clermont Search is a leading legal search consultancy specialising in Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT). The site was built in XHTML/CSS and a bit of flash was also used.

RE-ATS is an aviation saftey company based in Shoreham-by-sea. They work for all of the major airlines ensuring our safety when flying. The site was built using XHTML/CSS and does very well in the google rankings for the sites audience.

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