Meeting notes for 1st May 2024

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On the 1st of May, nine freelancers met in the Battle of Trafalgar pub to talk business and tech.

  • Trying to build up and subcontract to other freelancers
  • House renovations and fixes
  • The Bank of Dave
  • Mutual project catch up
  • Finances for your children
  • Dealing with an awkward project manager
  • Linting your code
  • PHP version deprecation has become too fast
  • Technical debt
  • Work referrals
  • Conspiracy theories
  • ‘Rust’ is named after a mushroom?
  • Developing for old hardware via emulators
  • Do artists have to become influencers? (And was it always thus?)
  • Do clowns unironically exist?
  • The various groups we’re in