Freelancers meeting notes for 26th June 2024

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On the 26th June, fifteen freelancers met in the beer garden of the Battle of Trafalgar pub to talk all things tech and freelancing. There was a lot of different conversations going on, this is some of the topics I managed to note down:

  • Using frameworks and libraries vs writing all the code in a project
  • Taking people to court and timescales of responses
  • Do you use invoicing software or just Office-style software?
  • Brighton’s pubs and soft drink prices
  • A production of Jane Austin’s Persuasion by three people
  • The problems tackled in updating an old website
  • Die with Zero” by Bill Perkins
  • Finding time to work on your own projects
  • Moving over to new hardware
  • Finding work
  • Getting advice from tech communities can be frustrating
  • Learning Docker
  • Dealing with your finances
  • Enjoying DrupalCamp Cemaes
  • Taking code out of Drupal projects due to a serious vulnerability
  • Getting fit

Thanks to everyone who came along for making it a great evening.