Meeting Notes for 19th June 2024

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On the 19th June, eight freelancers met in the beer garden of the Battle of Trafalgar to talk all things freelancing and tech. Some of our conversations were:

  • Using Clickup for task management
  • Relocating to a different country
  • Seagull stories
  • Taking a long time to complete a Masters or PhD
  • PHP in the modern world
  • Calculating a “beautiful” walk and whether that changes the walk over time
  • Getting more PHP work than Javascript at the moment
  • Making projects with a full Javascript stack
  • Are reaction videos Googlebox for the younger generation?
  • Gumtree is great
  • Being near your parents as they age
  • Reply guy culture on Mastodon – is it a mix of people on various spectrums or mainly misogyny?
  • Tactical voting in the upcoming election
  • The Rest is Politics podcast