Advice for Freelancers

Freelancing Fundamentals

How to become a UK freelancer – not sure how to become an official freelancer? Read this and find out.

How to make a UK freelancers invoice – everything you need to make an invoice including downloadable templates for sole traders and Limited companies.

If you’re sending invoices you also need to track them, so we have a downloadable freelancers invoice tracking spreadsheet too.

How To Start Making Money as a Tech Contractor – interested in making the most money as a freelancer? Contracting is the way you should go.

Other Advice for Freelancers

Networking: What if I meet someone who does the same thing I do? – it’s easy to think you should never talk to anyone who offers the same services you do, but the truth is the exact opposite.

10 Tips for Being Productive When Working From Home – getting your work done can be hard when your home is also your office. If you’re struggling to work, try some of these helpful tips.

Can I freelance as a developer without knowing the latest tech? – although it can feel like not knowing the latest hot language and framework will hold you back, there is lots of work around for people with skills in older languages.

How to stop worrying about a client “blacklisting” you – being threatened with “blacklisting”? Find out how to deal with the anxiety this causes.

Read a write up of Paul Silver’s talk Freelancing in Five Minutes, given at the Wired Sussex Jobs Fair 2009.

IPSE (formerly the Professional Contractors Group) has lots of good advice and services for freelancers.

The Being Freelance podcast is an excellent listen if you want to hear how various freelancers built up to successful businesses.

Crunch have very useful information for freelancers, especially in their Chorus section.

Steve Friedl’s article So you want to be a consultant? is very useful and worth reading. It’s got a slight American bias, understandable since that’s where Steve does business, but contains a lot of good advice about looking after clients and the basics on how to run your work as a small business no matter where you live.

Resources in Brighton for freelancers