Downloadable Freelancers Invoice Tracking Spreadsheet

If you’re sending out invoices for work done, you need to keep track of them. This makes doing your end of year tax return an enormous amount easier, and helps you see when a payment from a client is overdue.

The best way to keep this information is in a spreadsheet. You need to keep a few pieces of information, but it is all very easy.

Information to include

  • Date the invoice was sent to the client
  • Client’s company name
  • Invoice number
  • Amount you invoiced for
  • Date invoice is due
  • Date invoice was paid

If VAT registered:

  • Amount of VAT charged
  • Total charged including VAT

The date the invoice is due is not required, but I find it very helpful for noticing who is overdue.

Downloadable invoice tracking spreadsheets

These are Google Docs, but you can’t edit them until you’ve copied them in to your own account or downloaded them.

To copy: once the page has fully loaded click ‘File’ then ‘Make a copy’

To download: once the page has fully loaded click ‘File’ then ‘Download as’ and choose the format that your software can open.

Standard freelancers invoice tracking spreadsheet

VAT registered company invoice tracking spreadsheet

They have some example data in so you can see the what to put where, you’ll need to delete that before you put in your own.

Using the spreadsheet

Every time you send an invoice, fill in the details on the next row of the spreadsheet. When you see you’ve been paid, fill in the date that happened.

Every now and then, check whether you have any overdue bills and remind the client that it needs paying.

When you come to do your tax return, you’ll need the figures for that tax year to see what you earnt and what you need to pay.

Personally, I keep a tracking spreadsheet for the tax year I’m in and keep it in the same place as the invoices I’m sending so I can find it easily. Then when the next year rolls around I make a fresh copy for that year and start all over again, only keeping the invoice number rolling on from the previous year so my overall accounts are straight.

Getting started freelancing? We also have an invoicing template to help you out.

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