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  • Development
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • API development
  • Codeigniter
  • CSS / HTML
  • HTML
  • Javascript / jQuery / AJAX
  • Laravel
  • Node.js
  • PHP & MySQL
  • React Native
  • React/Redux
  • SASS
  • Slim framework
  • Vue.js
  • WordPress
  • Servers
  • Linux / BSD


As an experienced professional full stack web developer I have produced many sites and applications over the years some examples of which are listed below. Some clients hire me to work independently others ask me to join an existing development team or analyse and advice on development processes.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex my clients range from local businesses and web agencies to organisations in London, Holland, the U.S. and beyond.

De-mystifying the technology

My core aim is to de-mystify web development technologies so that the companies and agencies I work for can make informed decisions about how they want websites to be developed websites. And I like to ensure that the specific requirements of any project are clearly defined and agreed before I start writing software.

Project process

I have spent a lot of time working in Agile teams.
When working alone many of the projects I have worked on follow a project process similar to the following to ensure that I deliver the right product that meets the requirements:

Requirements planning
Staging site development and testing
User acceptance testing
Go live

With smaller projects training and user acceptance testing may be minimal but generally they still play an important part.

Some Recent Projects

Recently I have spent a lot of time developing with React Native, React.js and APIs I have developed in PHP.  I have also integrated applications with APIs provided by other systems such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Eventbrite and Meetup.

Harvard university – 4 months

I worked in a small development team on the development of a new website for Harvard University. The work was primarily WordPress, PHP and React. The development team were put together by the agency Human Made.

Nexstar Media Group – 4 months

Working for the agency Human Made, another developer and I worked on a custom implementation of a React Native video player. The core coding technologies were React Native with advertising and analytics APIs integration.

MarketFinance – 2 months

I developed a WooCommerce payment gateway to integrate MarketFinance’s invoicing API with WooCommerce. Woo is a PHP e-commerce plugin system for WordPress.

Human Made – 7 months

I joined a development team working on the rebuild of a news agency’s website. The core coding technologies were Reactjs, PHP and WordPress and integrating with advertising, personalisation and intelligent suggestion APIs.

Google – 6 months

I joined the development team working on Google’s Sitekit WordPress plugin. The plugin integrates WordPress sites with a number of Google’s services including Analytics, Pagespeed, Search Console, Adsense & Optimise. The development was in React.js and PHP with the test environments Jest, Backstop, Storybook and PHPUnit.

Kyowa Kirin – 8 months

I worked as the technical lead for developing pharmaceutical product hub headless sites using React.js and the CMS, Acoustic Content.

Nomura Bank – 6 months
I worked in a small team of React.js developers rewriting trading applications which were originally developed in Flex. We developed the applications using the Material-UI React component library and Jest for testing.

Enterprise Rent-a-car – ongoing

I built and maintain a system for Enterprise Rent-a-car which consumes data from their application tracking systems in XML/JSON. The data is processed and stored a few times a day. The system then enables worldwide job aggregation websites to access the data via XML feeds and the export of updated XML files. The system is PHP based and runs on a virtual cloud Linux environment.

Skyscanner – 6 months

Skyscanner were running a WordPress multisite containing 50+ websites. They had some specific technical challenges they needed to overcome for which I developed WP CLI commands. Whilst I was working for them I was also involved in implementing an organisation wide rebrand on the 50+ WordPress websites.

Mind The Product – 3 years

I built the Linode linux and Git version control development environment that Elliot Taylor and I used to develop a new website and events management application.  The site and application are built on WordPress using an MVC framework plugin I developed for WordPress a while ago called ProdPress.  The site has some API integration and we used SASS with Gulp and Node to compile the CSS and Javascript.  We had done all the front and back end coding on this site until recently.

White Clarke Group – 2.5 years

For the development and production environments of this client’s websites I built an infrastructure on Rackspace.  There are a number of  cloud linux servers instances with loadbalancers and cloud database instances.  These are fully integrated with Git version control.  The websites are WordPress based which I have successfully loadbalanced and include SASS with Gulp for compiling Javascript and CSS.  These websites were orginally Expression Engine which I developed with for a long time.  Then Elliot Taylor joined me and we converted their websites from Expression Engine to WordPress with support for multilingual.

The Psychology of Diabetes
This site is a bespoke training system which I wrote using the PHP MVC framework Codeigniter. I ran a consultation workshop with the client from which I wrote a specification and used this is in conjunction with designs to do all the frontend and backend coding.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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