Jerry Steele

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  • Development
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Servers
  • DevOps
  • Hosting
  • Linux / BSD


Other Skills

Linux server maintenance

Database configuration and maintenance

Cloud providers – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Email server config and email deliverability

Server and infrastructure monitoring

Continuous integration and deployment


Containers (e.g. Docker, kubernetes)


About me

I’ve been working with Linux for around 15 years now and in general IT support for 20(!)

I do a lot of server maintenance, mostly involving “LAMP”, but I can generally find my way round any stack that gets thrown at me. I generally script with bash, but really want to sharpen my python skills. DB-wise, I’ve worked with mysql/mariadb, postgresql and even Oracle.

In recent years I’ve discovered the joy of automation, with Ansible being my tool of choice for this. I’ve done a lot of work with cloud providers, mostly AWS, but with a smattering of Azure and a soupcon of Google Cloud, which I tend to wrangle with Terraform. Mainly through cloud, I’ve discovered the joys of REST APIs and structured data like JSON and YAML.

Working with the cloud has also introduced me to CI systems like Jenkins and Gitlab CI and container systems such as docker and kubernetes.

In keeping with this more “devops” kind of work, I’ve also got a keen interest in monitoring – using nagios back in the day but now playing with more up-to-date software like prometheus.

I also fix email servers and have improved deliverabilty in many cases.

I’ve even been known to fix Windows servers from time-to-time, but I tend to leave that sort of thing to the experts 🙂

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