Tom Buck

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  • .NET / C#
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • API development
  • Database optimisation
  • Laravel
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Slim framework
  • SQL Server
  • Vue.js
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Digital marketing
  • Hosting
  • Linux / BSD
  • Windows


I can fix your databases and make large amounts of data available to your users in real-time with an instant response. If your data has geospatial coordinates attached to it, I can use my GIS skills to create interactive maps that are immediately responsive and don’t have any click-and-drag lag.

With, I made 1.5 billion rows of constantly-updating information instantly available at the click of a button using C# and SQL Server. I also created maps using the 11 million individual US Census Block polygons for each city, state, and internet provider in the USA. Other subsidiary sites were powered with Laravel and PHP using a custom content distribution API I wrote.

My hobby site, crunches through 850,000,000 rows of European speed test data every day, running on C# .NET Core and SQL Server, all hosted on a Linux server.

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